About Us

Hi! This is the official website of Kashmir Travel Network, the reputed and renowed travel agents in Kashmir. We are specialized in providing perfect services to all kinds of travellers. We provide you with the complete knowledge of all the regions of Jammu & Kashmir. On our official website all your questions, queries and apprehensions shall be answered. We provide up-to-date and complete information. Before you leave for the Earthly Paradise, you need to know a lot of things. Travel to Kashmir could be a spellbinding experience, but if you do not know certain basic things, you may end up missing a lot of things in Kashmir. Being headquartered in Kashmir, we know the places very well. We provide you complete information about Jammu Kashmir. Our motive is to make your tour successful, pleasant, luxurious, perfect and unforgettable.

How we work?

Our service range from the organized tours to the unique Himalayan Treks, Hotel and Houseboat accommodation, Bird watching, Adventure Tours, Photography tours, Heritage site tours, Festival tours & Religous Tours. However, arrangements can be as flexible as you wish either book in advance or make of your mind day by day programme. Kashmir Travel Network presents a wonderful opportunity of sightseeing and touring facilities. Besides tour packages, we also provide services of Hotel Booking, Air Ticketing Facility and car rental.

Our Promises

You will not find another travel agency with better attention to detail, value added services and commitment to customer service than Kashmir Travel Network. We take pride in providing our clients with the best travel planning experience possible. You will never feel rushed to make a decision and you will never be pressured to accept a vacation itinerary that is not right for you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our company provides you with the best and complete travelling facilities on during your stay in Jammu and Kashmir to the end of your trip. The company has a great reputation in the travel industry. The expert team of concierges and travel assistants at Kashmir Travel Network has made strenuous effortsto make it possible for international travelers to know, plan, organize and book all activities they wish to do in Jammu Kashmir, all from their homes.

Rockstar Team

Our team of luxury travel specialists have knowledge of the J&K’s most inspiring places is unrivaled. We are experienced, opinionated, and discerning, and we believe that travel is one of life’s ultimate joys—it never fails to thrill us, expand our perspectives, or fill us with wonder and gratitude. We love exploring the world, and we know it intimately.We at Kashmir Travel Network believe that our team are the best in the business. We want to share some of our passion for adventure travel with you to let you know the destinations that we have fallen in love with, and where you are likely to see us next.